Nature and Forest Therapy

Experiencing forest bathing

You are in the forest and forest bathing – you take in the forest with all your senses. The spring wind caresses your cheek, the sun rays drill through the cloud cover, the birds sing their joyful song and the forest is pulling off its warm winter shirt. Everything wakes alive, everything is as usual, but this time it feels special because YOU are extra awake and present.

This time you are really here – you feel the wind, hear the birds, see the green flourish in the forest and feel the togetherness with nature – everything that is alive including yourself. Your senses are open. You sink into the forest atmosphere and receive everything that nature has to offer – the opportunity to slow down, stop, recognize, contemplate and reflect yourself in what you notice in nature – its wisdom and medicine.

To the forest, it doesn’t matter who you are, what you do and where you come from. There are many who live here but there is always room for more. Everyone is welcome. You might think of your ancestors and how close to nature they lived, not so far back in time, and their ability to communicate with nature for cooperation and survival.

Now you are here too. It feels like the time stands still. The tranquillity spreads in your body, you feel good and let your body recover and distance itself from where you have been before. Along the way, you get some simple invitations to increase your well-being and creativity, and you decide if you want to join.

There are a few more in the group. You walk slowly and in silence. Strangely enough, it feels like you come closer to each other by being quiet together than talking. You have a sort of group awareness that you then share with each other even in words in a circle. That’s how you get to know what the others have been through and remember what you’ve experienced in the meantime. A cup of tea made from some foraged plants that your guide has collected along the trail tastes well despite its gentle subtle taste. Now all the senses have received their nourishment.

Afterward, you feel calm and alive at one and the same time. Something good has happened to you in the forest but what?

Welcome back to nature to find the next piece of the puzzle to the answer.