About Ann

Nature is Ann’s second home.

As a child, she spent much time in nature both by herself and with her father in Estonia. She learned to observe, feel and track, but also to communicate with plants and animals. These abilities, she has later had much use for, both as healer and animal communicator.

She has studied nature medicine and the art of using wild plants to maintain and restore health.

As a psychologist, coach and counselor, she has used nature as the perfect environment to reflect and support her own and her customers´ journey.

Ayurveda, with its responsiveness to nature’s cycles,  and Traditional Chinese Medicine, including Herbal Therapy and Qi Gong are also some of her tools.

As a certified nature and forest therapy guide, she uses both fire and tea ceremonies, but also other ceremonial, creative and shamanic tools to deepen contact with nature and appreciate all its gifts, including health, wisdom, and inspiration.

She is certified in wilderness first aid and selects her trails in scenic areas in harmony with nature.


Welcome to walk with her in beauty!